Welcome to Keep It Simply Scarves

Keep it Simply Scarves For the Beautiful You! 

Keep it Simply Scarves vision is to inspire you & women of all ages and all walks of life, to simply remember The Beautiful You, that

Keep it Simply Scarves donates 1 scarf for every 30 sold to a cancer, burn or disabled patient,
(or) to one of their Mothers, Sisters or Daughters!

Primary Childrens Hosp, Huntsman Cancer Institute and others have already been recipients of many beautiful donated European scarves!

For more information call or e-mail

Deborah Finneran

Upcoming Shows 2017

Jan 20th-21st Hoff German
Fest, Weber County Fairgrounds

Sept 1-2nd in Brigham City

Simple Treasures Boutiques
Davis County Fairgrounds
March 8th-12th
May 10th-13th
Sept 20th-23rd
Nov 8th-11th
Christmas Simple Treasures
Nov 30th-Dec 5th
Closed Sunday Dec 3rd

November Fest
Logan Utah
Nov 24th-25th






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